WE Care in English

We just wanted to praise God for the work of the Ministry through World Evagelism as an Orgnisation. And also to all the people with a giving heart.

We have called  unto help through WECARE program and you been there for us. Though u don’t have so much but you chose to help.

We can’t thank you enough but God the Father has it on your account in Heaven all you do.

The pandemic time been a tough time for everyone, but worse to the third World countries like Uganda where the Government system doesn’t care much for it’s citizens In this period we have to feed and take care of the problems of many families.Many covid cases we had to take care of, cases of rape, house rent bills and other medical issues.

We have children in different area monitered by differents caring house mothers. we thought of keeping the children safe from bad people who can hurt them in all kind of ways. So we made children house group where they learn about the Bible

and also to tell what’s going one in their lives and that’s the Garuga WECARE   kids Bible house group.

Ugandan schools been closed for quiet a long time since the Covid out break , in this case there many under aged raped and got pregnant, some acquired HIV and some lost their lives due to people who believe in witch craft. coz kids are not in school, the reuter around . Only kids from the rich family access education now via online studies. poor families can’t which is my fear that some children are gonna loose their purpose of education.

With the help of one sister in Christ we managed to buy school Holiday packege for some of our primary kids.

Iam kindly requesting if u there and you feel like you wanna help in this battle please you can help us our go fund account by the  stichting WORLD EVANGELISM.

Next year the schools are gonna be opened in Uganda, and that is gonna be a great task.

We will really need help to support these beautiful children As we know that Education is the main Way of breaking the chain of poverty.

We have the fotos of some kids on our page if anyone feels to support a kid  for school, you can contact us we talk. because every schools pays different amount of school fees.Even if you wanna give a little we happily welcome evey offer.

Please share our story to as many as you can  , This children need us all

Let us not be tired of them. We don’t know what  they can achieve in the future

and we will all praise the Lord for them.


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